Happsa Group is committed to conducting our business operations in an environmental sustainable manner.

We further support this commitment by partnering with Greenfleet Australia. This membership is about offsetting emissions by planting trees in native forests around Australia.

Our Approach

The Happsa Group approach which acknowledges that as a company and as people, we all contribute to the condition of the Earth. For our Group, taking responsibility for our planet is part of the process the use of environmentally friendly cleaning material, and tools and to reduced water consumption. This also creates value for Happsa Group as well as our clients, supporting and supplying our employees with healthier, safer and more pleasant working environments.

The Happsa Group health and safety management system is being expanded focusing on environmental requirements, including those specified in our health and safety manual. This will increase our capability to manage health and safety as well as the environment, using an integrated and standardised approach.

Going Green

As an industry service provider, we work together with partners who have integrated sustainability within their businesses.

Green Cleaning

Happsa Group cleaning is sustainable for our employees, clients, end users and the environment.

Happsa Group recognises the importance of environmental protection and sustainability.

Your approach is important.

On its own right, carbon offsets does not provide an answer to global warming, but it does have a large part to play in the overall approach to carbon management. Even if you reduce your emissions significantly, you are unlikely to eliminate all sources of greenhouse gases in your life.

A carbon offset initiative is an immediate and cost-effective way to take responsibility for your own environmental impact and to be part of the solution to mitigate climate change.