Property Services:


Happsa Group is fully cognisant in delivering property services in cleaning, general maintenance and waste management solutions in Australia. We create value for our customers through direct employment and innovative long term relationships that help drive our customer’s success. We truly believe that we can make a difference to your facility by offering first class standards, expertise in management and fully trained staff at cost competitive prices.

Happsa Property Services offers a range of distinct services designed to add value individually or integrated into a packaged approach for your property. Palm technology has saved time and hours in reporting, enabled time in labour and adhered to emergency response call outs. Our team is fully trained on the ground in working with clients to implement methodology and specification obligations by real time hand held palm technology, which is backed up by Happsa’s in house CRM systems.  Our team is also trained in waste management solutions offering savings to clients and adhering to our planets needs in a far more sustainable approach. Our structures deliver transitional operational systems, real time rosters, meeting and exceeding client expectations and providing consumers a far more dynamic approach to cleaning standards and general maintenance services.

Asset maintenance and management 

The team at Happsa understand your needs and offer experience staff to maintain the life to your assets. Happsa Group offer asset and maintenance services to the commercial, retail, education, aged care, Industrial and hospitality.

Asset management starts at the design phase and continues for the entire lifecyle of that asset. Our approach to asset management aims to reduce facilities maintenance costs and increase the response and service across your assets. We draw on our proven experience to extend the life of an asset and reduce unforeseen breakdown by implementing proper maintenance strategies.

Happsa introduces improvements, innovations and initiatives to add value at any stage in the life cycle of an asset. Whether it is a single make safe call out, project and manage make goods at multiple locations, we drive benefits for our customers including:

  • Managed risk
  • Improved services and outputs
  • Financial risk
  • Demonstrated compliance
  • Improved sustainability
  • Corporate/ social responsibility

Every business is unique, Happsa Group offer the following servicesasset

  1. Make safe services
  2. Building refurbishment
  3. New construction and extensions
  4. Fit - outs
  5. Make goods
  6. Maintenance services
  7. Data and communications
  8. Strategic asset management
  9. Maintenance planning – annual, five and ten-year planned preventative maintenance plans
  10. Lifecycle modelling
  11. Asset register development and ongoing asset condition auditing
  12. Risk management
  13. Computerised maintenance management system
  14. Life-cycle capital maintenance strategies
  15. Electrical (lighting, heating and cooling)
  16. Plumbing and Gas Fitters
  17. Glazing
  18. Carpentry and handy man
  19. Joinery
  20. Painting
  21. Tiling

In addition to our full range of property and maintenance services, we can now work with you to understand your assets, improve your maintenance processes and drive down long-term costs by providing a tailored asset management solution and a clear roadmap for all your facility and asset needs.

Happsa Group help you plan for the future costs

Once we gain an understanding of your facilities and the requirements they generate in terms of maintenance, repair and upgrading, we can work with you to guarantee your annual facility management costs. We take on the risk of price rises and asset failures.

National customer service centre and real time progress monitoring

Our customer service centre is available 24 hours, 7 days per week. Operated and managed in house to service clients and raise jobs and complete urgent call outs at any hour. You’ll have instant access to our 570 service providers and in-house staff, whenever you need them.  Our trades team and subcontractors utilise field mobility to allow for real-time progress reporting, travel time optimisation and asset condition auditing.


Computerised maintenance management system

This is integrated with our (CMMS) to enable centralised scheduling, cost tracking, reporting and management of works, and it can help with life-cycle planning and strategic asset management.

If you already have a similar system in place, we can integrate our systems to ensure you retain your asset data. We have experience working across a variety of platforms including SAP and Oracle.


The Benefits of Choosing HAPPSA GROUP Include:

  • Cost savings – through procurement savings and increased asset life
  • Reduced risk – Happsa will take responsibility for all regulatory and building code compliance
  • Safety – all works are completed in line with Occupational Health & Safety laws
  • Increased productivity – we take the responsibility of your maintenance and facility management so that you can concentrate on your core business
  • No disruption - we will ensure all work is planned outside of work hours to avoid disruption

Healthcare Services:

Happsa Healthcare is focused on providing a healthy, clean and safe environment for patients, visitors and staff whilst attending at any clients’ health facility.  Minimising the risk of infection is paramount and the Happsa Healthcare Team offer the best standards of service delivery to medical and health facilities to all clients.

Happsa Healthcare understands the importance of compliance and has passed the stringent accreditation process resulting in our triple certification for the International ISO standards and Quality Assurance Systems required.  These standards are maintained by our quality staff who are recruited and trained to deliver first class practice with all members understanding the importance of the role they play in patient and staff care and providing best practice systems.  These systems are also in place to provide the relevant data for audit purposes and to maintain accountability to our valued clients.

Acting with sensitivity and primary focus on patient and staff health and wellbeing, Happsa Healthcare has the capability to maximise productivity, provide cost effective solutions whilst continuously meeting all environmental platforms.  This high standard of professionalism and competency creates sustainability in the way forward and allows us to customise operational methodology to suit each clients’ requirements.

Palm Technology:

  • Real time reporting
  • Palm Technology
  • Safety audits
  • Contractor Time in/Log In attendance
  • Contractor Time out/Log out attendance
  • OH&S Inductions
  • Job Login requests
  • Job completed Log out
  • Paperless reporting
  • Streamline Processes
  • Emergency response 24/7 helpdesk
  • State of the art technology
  • Dedicated account management team 24/7
  • Tailored reports to suit customer needs
  • Centralising services
  • Maintenance and default reporting

Grounds and Maintenance:

Happsa Ground and Maintenance have a highly skilled workforce of horticultural professionals. Happsa Group can develop and maintain your grounds keeping them in great condition all year-round.

Happsa Group takes great care to ensure the gardens we design and maintain not only look good, but are also manageable, sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Our Grounds Maintenance Services

  • Programmed grounds and garden maintenance
  • Development and implementation of garden maintenance plans
  • Fine turf and sports turf management
  • Water conservation and management strategies
  • Arboricultural services including audits and maintenance
  • Mowing, edging and general lawn care
  • Weed removal and spraying
  • Major and minor garden rejuvenation
  • Green waste removal

Pest Control:

Happsa Group provide pest control services to commercial, retail shopping centres, manufacturing and logistics, education campuses, business parks, aged care facilities and areas serving the general public in Australia.

Our approach to pests is of high importance and our partners have over 50 technicians on the ground and experience with over 25 years of pest control professional services, bringing the ultimate pest protection to your facilities across Australia.

Happsa Group and its partnerships enable access to national footprint services, accredited ongoing training programs for our team and qualified service technicians. The work is guaranteed to the highest standards meeting quality assurance programs, and backed by a team of Field Biologists, QA Managers and Technical Managers, providing you a pest-free environment.


Delivering the latest environmentally sustainable Hygiene products, our range of supplies consist of the following items

  • Sanitary Disposal
  • Air Fresheners
  • Bio Tabs
  • Medical Disposal
  • Nappy Change Tables
  • Sharps Disposable
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Toilet Roll Dispensers
  • Toilet Blues
  • Toilet Seat Covers
  • Urinal & WC Sanitising
  • Vending Services
  • Janitorial Products