Chemical safety focus for June


Our team recently took part in a specialised chemical training session held in partnership with supplier AGAR.

As part of Happsa’s June safety focus on chemicals, the session covered fit for purpose use of chemicals, ensuring material safety data sheets are read and understood, handling of chemicals, correct PPE and what to do if spillages occur.

The session topics are also being delivered onsite throughout the month to all staff as part of our safety focus.

Happsa’s OHS Compliance Manager Loui Tikellis said that keeping Happsa people safe on site is a daily and ongoing emphasis.

“The purpose of this training is to bring chemical safety front-of-mind for our people onsite so that they are aware of processes and ensure they continue to use the right chemicals for the tasks they are completing.”

“This is a refresher training with all staff making sure they build on their own personal skills of safe chemical handling.”

“By training and empowering our staff with the knowledge and skills of safety we are able to create a safe workplace,” Loui said.

Each month our OHS Compliance team run Safety Campaigns with differing topics with operational staff (site supervisors and cleaners). Staff are reminded and reinstructed on Occupational Health and Safety topics.

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