Happsa innovating through robotic equipment

Happsa held a live demonstration recently of the Tennant T380 AMR at one of its retail clients sites.

The T380 AMR is a robotic floor scrubber designed to work alongside staff to improve efficiency in floor cleaning of large spaces.

This robotic floor scrubber is specifically designed for autonomous cleaning, working safely alongside employees and customers, while navigating around obstacles.

The T380 AMR is an impressive innovation in the cleaning industry and aligns with Happsa’s productivity ambitions.

Happsa’s Managing Director Operations Harry Georgiou said that Happsa continues to be powered by our people.

“We are constantly looking to find innovations that complement the work our people do and make us more effective and efficient for our clients.”

“Through our partnerships with suppliers such as Tennant, we are able to access equipment that helps us increase productivity whilst maintaining a high standard of cleaning.”

The T380AMR is powered by BrainOS®, an advanced artificial intelligence and robotic technology platform, from Tennant partner Brain Corporation.

View footage of the T380AMR in action at: https://youtu.be/ig7_jO5SGVc

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