Happsa joins Supply Nation as member

We are delighted to announce that Happsa is now a member of Supply Nation.

Supply Nation connects its membership to Indigenous suppliers to build a vibrant and prosperous Indigenous business sector by incorporating Indigenous owned businesses into the supply chain of Australian companies and government agencies.

Our membership as an organisation connects us further with Indigenous businesses helping them grow and continue to thrive whilst building a prosperous Indigenous-owned sector.

We have a history of initiatives designed to help close the gap for Australia’s Indigenous peoples and communities. These initiatives include:

  • Working with Reconciliation Australia to develop our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)
  • Supporting Indigenous charities such as the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and the Long Walk – who raise awareness and support programs that improve conditions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
  • In partnership with Kinaway, The Victorian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, we are building alliances to work with Indigenous business in metropolitan and regional Victoria. We are also working on a pilot project to assist Indigenous-owned start-ups in our sector.

Happsa’s Group Managing Director Corporate Services Angelo Tsonis said that over the past three years, Happsa has been working internally to review procurement lines and expand its supplier diversity.

“We have successfully built partnerships and included Indigenous-owned businesses in our procurement lines on our biggest spend categories in the past few years. This is something we are very happy to have achieved.”

“Now with the assistance of Supply Nation, we will formally review our processes and work to further develop a sustainable, innovative and diverse supply chain”, Angelo said.

“We understand that through supporting Indigenous business, there is s flow-on effect and a significant social return in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities which we are proud to contribute to”.

Supply Nation Chief Executive Officer, Ms Laura Berry, said “We are delighted to welcome Happsa into the Supply Nation community and look forward to working with them to develop their supplier diversity footprint. The measure of our collective success will be in the value of transactions between Happsa and Indigenous businesses”.

Supply Nation’s mission is to facilitate, encourage and promote business between corporate Australia and Government agencies and Indigenous owned businesses.

More information on Supply Nation at http://www.supplynation.org.au/

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