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Innovative workforce management solution enhances efficiency and accountability

In a bid to streamline roster scheduling and enhance time and attendance tracking, Happsa is integrating Timegate workforce management software to handle their contracts and staff.

Timegate is an industry-specific shift planning and time and attendance app and management portal which allows management to plan and schedule rosters and cleaning and operational staff to sign in and out of their shift using mobile devices.

“Our utilisation of Timegate has significantly improved our operational efficiency,” says Jason Savage, Happsa’s National Operations Manager.

“With its ability to manage rosters, capture time and attendance, and provide GPS and photo identity proof, we’ve experienced a remarkable increase in accountability and transparency within our workforce.”

Timegate’s industry-specific shift planning and time and attendance app have proven invaluable for business like ours. “It has the exact functions required for effective workforce management,” said Jason.

Managers also praise Timegate’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration with payroll systems like Happsa’s Templa Finance and Compliance system.

“Planning rosters on-site has never been easier,” said Ahmad Mustafa, Client Relationship and Projects and Systems Manager.

“Our cleaners can sign in and out using their phones or a shared Tablet, ensuring accurate records and eliminating paperwork.”

Moreover, the integration with Happsa’s payroll system ensures timely and precise payment to staff.

“The automated process and data flow have significantly simplified our contract management,” says Ahmad.

From creating and managing rosters to driving efficiencies through automation, Timegate is proving to be a game-changer for Happsa and its clients.

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