Cleaning Reliability

We are powered by our people. They are the force behind the service we provide and Anusha Bandara is another example of cleaning excellence.

Anusha has worked as a cleaner for Happsa for over a year at one of Happsa’s government sites.

He colleagues think of her as a kind-hearted person who is always looking out for everyone’s needs and her direct manager says she is a hard worker.

Client Services Manager says that Anusha always goes above and beyond what is required for her cleaning duties.

“I can always rely on her”.

“Not only is she a good cleaner she is also great at communicating with staff onsite and bringing the team together to make sure the quality of cleaning is above standard,” says Cassie.

Anusha has recently finished her studies in Information Technology and says the best part of working for Happsa is being part of a friendly team.

Congratulations Anusha on receiving the Happsa Group People Excellence Award for October.

From left: Anusha with Cassie