Living Safely at Happsa

This week marks the end of Happsa’s safety assessment circuit. As part of the circuit, our new OHS Compliance Manager conducted safety assessments at all our sites, checking and retraining cleaners on general safety competencies.

Happsa’s OHS Compliance Manager Loui Tikellis said that throughout 2020, Happsa worked closely with authorities and industry experts to adapt processes and implement new COVID-19 safety practices.

“This year, our focus has been to take a step back and conduct a holistic review of our safety and compliance processes through our Happsa Living Safely Program.”

“We have been systematically visiting our people onsite, checking and retraining cleaners on general safety competencies such as hazard identification, manual handling and policy awareness in quality”.

“We have done risk assessments on all elements from procedures, to chemicals, manual handling and equipment. From there, we look at any gaps in information and training so that we can retrain our staff,” Loui said.

“Last year, we had to really move efficiently and effectively to adapt our processes to meet COVID-19 requirements, so our staff have had the training they need and really understand the processes required.”

“For us, this year is about consolidating all our learnings and refreshing and retraining our people on our safety topics and procedures.”

In addition, we are running monthly Safety Campaigns with differing focus topics with operational staff (site supervisors and cleaners) where Occupational Health and Safety topics are communicated and consulted on with staff. Topics include: manual handling, incident reporting, prevention.

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