Retail cleaning specialist receives praise

Congratulations to Kaya, Happsa’s July People Excellence Award recipient.

Working as a day cleaner on one of Happsa’s commercial cleaning shopping centre contracts, Kaya regularly receives praise from clients, tenants and patrons of the shopping centre. In fact, the Centre Management Team have nominated her for the best cleaning award for 2022.

Kaya has been described as approachable, enthusiastic and someone who is always working to a high standard achieving great results for all.

Kaya says she values working at Happsa and the friendships and connections that she has made.

“Happsa management treat me like I’m part of the family. I always feel warmth around them which makes me happy to work for them and achieve great results,” she said.

In her spare time away from work, Kaya enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and family.

Keep up the great work Kaya.

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From left: Paula from Centre Management with Kaya and Happsa CSM  George.