Taking care of the elderly

Ila is the recipient of the June People Excellence Award.

She was chosen for her caring nature, commitment and the exceptional level of service she provides.

Working as a cleaner at an Aged Care facility, Ila has been described as someone who is always happy to help a resident, colleague or nursing staff.

Client Relationship Manager Vinni Serovski says that Ila is a very caring person who is always committed to making residents   happy.

“She works closely with the nursing staff to make the environment for the elderly residents comfortable,” said Vinni.

Ila is originally from New Zealand and has lived in Australia for over 38 years.

She says the best thing about working for Happsa is belonging to a caring, understanding and supportive team.

She enjoys working with the residents and sharing laughter with them.

In her spare time, Ila enjoys going to church, playing mini-golf and spending time with friends.

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