Today is World Day for Safety and Health at Work Day

Today is World Day for Safety and Health at Work Day.

The day provides an opportunity to reflect on how to prevent work-related occupational diseases, deaths, injuries, and illnesses.

Keeping our people safe on site is a daily and ongoing emphasis for Happsa. This month, our people are focusing on hazard identification and incident reporting.

Happsa’s OHS Compliance Manager Loui Tikellis said the purpose of this training is teach staff to take a proactive approach and look out for hazards.

“We are also providing refresher training with all staff on our incident reporting process.”

“By training and empowering our staff with the knowledge and skills of safety we are able to create a safe workplace,” Loui said.

Each month our OHS Compliance team run Safety Campaigns with differing topics with operational staff (site supervisors and cleaners). Staff are reminded and reinstructed on Occupational Health and Safety topics.

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