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Happsa begins work on its ESG Framework

Happsa has begun to develop its ESG Framework in partnership with our external specialist consultant, ESG Reporting Intelligence.

Workshop 1, held recently, focused on defining our ESG, its boundary, impacts and reporting requirements.

Led by our internal ESG Working Group made up of senior management and Executive department leaders. Our aim is to have our formal ESG Framework completed by the third quarter of 2024.

Happsa’s Managing Director Operations Harry Georgiou said that Happsa begun working on a draft ESG Framework in late 2023.

“We have a lot of solo processes and targets in place currently which cover key framework components.”

“We are now setting a medium and long-term strategic ESG Framework that will combine and extend what we have and influence our internal policies, policies, and procedures,” Harry said.

“Through the mechanism of ESG Framework, we will set further targets and timeframes to achieve them as well as reporting structures to keep us accountable. Our ESG Framework will become embedded in our organisational culture.”

ESG is a framework that helps stakeholders understand how an organisation is managing risks and opportunities related to environmental, social, and governance criteria (sometimes called ESG factors). ESG takes the holistic view that sustainability extends beyond just environmental issues.

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