Happsa team help Victorians doing it tough

A team from Happsa volunteered at Foodbank Victoria’s warehouse assistance program today.

Part of Happsa’s employee volunteering program, the warehouse assistance day involved staff picking and packing food and domestic items in the Foodbank warehouse.

These items are then dispatched to Foodbank charity partners and given to Victorian families in need.

Today’s contribution from the Happsa team means that:

  • 29 orders were sent to charity partners
  • 9,731 kilograms of food and domestic items were packed
  • the equivalent of 17,515 meals donated
  • and enough food to feed a household of 4 for 1,460 days or 4 years

Happsa’s Director Corporate Services Angelo Tsonis said he was proud that Happsa and the team have been able to support Foodbank and Victorian families.

“Our employee volunteer program gives our team the opportunity to give back to the community and be actively involved with our charity partners.”

“Because of their efforts, people who often go without will now have a meal on the table. Well done to all involved and we look forward to seeing our team make a real impact,” Angelo said.

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