Manual handling safety focus for August

This month, we are focusing on manual handling procedures and are refreshing staff on techniques and identification of risk.

Happsa’s Compliance and Operations teams are holding a number of training and refresher sessions throughout August onsite and virtually due to the lockdown.

Happsa’s OHS Compliance Manager Loui Tikellis said the purpose of this training is to remind staff that manual handling is something they participate in everyday and to take time to think about their approach whilst looking out for hazards.

“From lifting and carrying boxes of paper to moving office furniture, sweeping or mopping it all constitutes manual handling.”

“The important part is for staff to re-look at Happsa’s manual handling procedures and ensure we are using the correct handling and precautions of excessive force in repetitive actions,” Loui said.

Each month our OHS Compliance team run Safety Campaigns with differing topics with operational staff (site supervisors and cleaners). Staff are reminded and reinstructed on Occupational Health and Safety topics.

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