Margarita’s hard work and enthusiasm shines through

Margarita is the recipient of the inaugural Happsa People Excellence of the Year Award.

Margarita made an immediate impression with clients and staff when she began her career at Happsa in 2018.

Receiving praise from our clients, the patrons of the building she works at, and Happsa Management and staff, Margarita is as humble as they come.

Happsa Group Managing Director Corporate Services Angelo Tsonis says that Margarita is part of the Happsa family.

“She is on the ground and the front line representing our name and our business in the most respectful and professional way.”

Margarita’s direct Supervisor Russel describes her as a one-woman army.

“She loves her work. She is always very attentive and willing to go above and beyond to achieve her goal at work. She is driven by passion and has a lot of enthusiasm for what she does every day,” said Russel.

Congratulations to Margarita for the People Excellence of the Year Award for 2021.

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