Shanali shines

This month’s People Excellence Award winner, Shanali has been described as enthusiastic, punctual and agile.

Happsa Client Services Manager George Spanos said that Shanali has shown great adaptability in her role during this difficult period.

“Shanali works on one of our educational sites and has shown great leadership a caring nature to ensure and work hard during this period, assisting in covid19 cleans.”

“She has displayed all the good qualities to work in any field and we are pleased to have her in our Happsa family and team,” George said.

Shanali said she likes her job because people care about her as a person with a genuine spirit of cooperation, all in a supportive and in friendly manner.

“The best thing about working at Happsa is that they essentially have a multidimensional approach to employee satisfaction, such as the challenging nature of work, pushing employees to new heights, a level of convenience and regular appreciation by the immediate management.”

“We have a great work life balance with managers who are always supporting us and are caring which makes me want to work hard for our company. This has boosted our morale when coming to work,” Shanali said.

“As an employee, it’s a very satisfying job due to the given respect and having great managers who care about us and the workplace environment that we are in.”

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From left: Area Supervisor Deshan presents Shanali with her certificate and voucher.